Wonder Woman


Photo by Divulacao

Maddy Reagan, Staff Writer

Earlier this year in July, an unprecedented movie was showcased in theatres; Wonder Woman. Not only was this directed by a renowned director, Patty Jenkins, it also starred a strong, Israeli woman, Gal Gadot.

The premise of this movie is centered around Diana Prince, a female-raised fighter and Amazon who fatefully met her love interest, Steve Trevor, during combat against a group of perilous minions to an evil gas-masked villain, properly named Doctor Poison. Once Diana and Steve set out to put an end to Doctor Poison’s reign of terror, they meet friends along the way that help them win their victory against the Doctor and her fellow fiends. At the end of the movie Diana Prince realizes her strength and how her determination led to victory in the war.

Patty Jenkins set a record for female directors, NPR said that Wonder Woman earned $103.1 million dollars, the highest amount of money a live-action female-directed film had made. This beat the previous highest-grossing female-directed film Mamma Mia! which was directed by Phyllida Lloyd. Variety said that Wonder Woman’s finalized box office didn’t beat the collections of the Disney animated movie Frozen which earned $1 billion dollars, but came second for the top grossing female directed movie ever recorded.

Wonder Woman not only set world records due to box office earnings, but Wonder Woman also showed us a different side to DC Films reminding us that not only men can do all of the saving. Forbes said, “Wonder Woman showed us an unconventional side of wisdom, It was the perfect storm of all the right choices and all the right results.” Even though regular people can’t magically defeat enemies with a patriotic costume and a lasso, Wonder Woman showed us that phenomenons can occur with a little bit of hope, luck, and help from each other.