The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

Mario Karticle: The Race of High School

Brittany James May 25, 2021

Adrenaline is coursing through your veins as you try to quickly gain control of your cloud-shaped vehicle. The music is intensifying while others seem to be flying past you, nearing their destination,...

Bravo Bingham Ballroom!

Brittany James May 25, 2021

“It's almost surreal when you're putting everything you have into a two minute dance and you and your teammates are hitting all the correct positions and all you hear are cheers.” -Sara Applegate...

Bingham Football Game in 2019.

Dear Bingham, This is My Story

Jaida DeMill May 24, 2021

Dear Bingham,  With only a small amount of time left with you, I would like to share my story. It’s nothing extraordinary or unique, but it is mine and means something to me. This is my story of...

Collage of High School Pictures.

Bingham Has Been Good to Me

Alyssa Anderson May 24, 2021

That’s not to say that there haven’t been roadblocks and sometimes complete cliffs along the way, but in truly reflecting on my years here, Bingham has given me so much good. The friendships and experiences...

Collage of My Friends and Experiences.

Thank You Bingham, I’m Forever Grateful

Hannah Blankman May 24, 2021

Dear Bingham, While my high school experience has been hindered by COVID-19, my years spent at Bingham have been some of the best years of my life. The activities and classes I have taken will stay...

Excited to Grow Out of Here

Excited to Grow Out of Here

Caitlin Hicks May 24, 2021

Dear Bingham High School, I would have probably started off by saying that I was so excited to GET OUT OF HERE if I were writing this letter this time last year. HOWEVER. It’s kind of still the case,...

Girls Lacrosse team storming the sidelines after winning their first game.

Relax and Enjoy Some LAX

Molly Laukka May 12, 2021

You might think that lacrosse is all about how hard you can hit, or you might have even thought it was a fancy sparkling beverage (no, it’s not “La Croix”). However, it is a high intensity sport...

Bingham girls pose for a picture at a game against Jordan.

Softball Currently Ranks No. 2 in 6A

Jaida DeMill May 12, 2021

The girls, without any runs of their own, are down by three. The clock is ticking as the game is getting closer and closer to finishing. Averi Hanny, a Bingham senior, steps up to the plate. With her best...

Bingham Track and Field Team poses for a photo.

Bingham Miners Run, Jump, and Throw to Victory

Ella Milakovic May 12, 2021

Bingham Miners Track and Field Team run, jump, and throw to victory week after week. On Saturday, May 1, 2021, the Miners brought home a win at the first annual Bingham Invite, with a little home field...

Bingham Soccer is Back and Better Than Ever

James Mcnee May 12, 2021

Bingham’s Boys’ Soccer is a prime example of the drive and motivation that prevails in our school. After last year’s season was ultimately cut short, it’s no surprise that our team was driven to...

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