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People of Gloucester race down Cooper's Hill at scary velocities.

Entertainment at its Wackiest

Cale Montoya, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

Do you ever get sick of hearing about the same old entertainment ideas all the time? For that matter, is cheese just too ordinary for you? Are frogs just too slimy to be recognized for anything special? If...

Benedict Cummberbatch next to Robert Downey Jr., both who have played Sherlock Homes

The World Famous Detective: Sherlock Holmes

Jay Thompson , Staff Writer March 24, 2021

Allow me to set the scene. It’s a dark and stormy night on the streets of late 1800s London. You feel the fog descending down around you as the clouds loom ominously over the surrounding buildings. A...

Marching band members participating in their last rehearsal before their show.

Band—More Than Just Music

Jaida DeMill, Sports Editor February 16, 2021

Band is not your typical one-and-done class here at Bingham. It is something beyond quickly memorizing facts for a final to pass or staying up late submitting work before midnight hits. Being in band connects...

One of Emma Mecham's latest crystal creations.

Art is Abounding in South Jordan

Brinlee Eller, News Editor February 16, 2021

 It can be both beautiful and ugly, bold and bland, innovative and traditional. It allows people to relax or get riled up, remain quaint or declare their passions, hideaway or get involved. What am I...

The (fake) playbill created by Jess Siswick

“Ratatouille” has a new twist

Mandy Jenkins, Editor-in-Cheif February 16, 2021

Anyone can cook, including a rat that won the heart of food critics and audience members alike. The beloved rat from the past, Remy, from “Ratatouille” is back! There is now “Ratatouille” in musical...

Vintage Media

Most Watched TV Shows of 2020

Alyssa Anderson, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

With the pandemic causing people’s outside plans to come to a screeching halt, this past year was filled with more free time than most people knew how to handle. In a hope to slow the spread of COVID-19,...

Bingham's FBLA leadership after this year's conference 2020-2021

Dive into Bingham’s Clubs

Brinlee Eller, News Editor December 16, 2020

With more than 40 different options to choose from, Bingham’s selection of student clubs may be difficult to navigate, so I’m here to give you a rundown of the plethora of options. Each with a purpose...

A traditional holiday menorah for Hanukkah sitting in a window sill.

Holiday Traditions

Jaiden Gunn, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 16, 2020

While Christmas is one of the more widely celebrated and known holidays during December, there are many other holidays and traditions that are often forgotten about during the hustle and bustle of Christmas...

I'm Dreaming... of a Cheap Christmas

I’m Dreaming… of a Cheap Christmas

Jacob Lloyd, Minitorial Editor December 16, 2020

Disclaimer, neither Bingham Prospector nor any of its affiliates shall be made responsible for the consequences caused by following the gift ideas proposed in this article.   So you don’t...

Claudius (potrayed by Cale Montoya) in Scene 10. Filmed by Jason Purdie.

Bingham’s First Ever Movie: “Hamlet”

Brittany James, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

The phrase, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” can be applied to Director Jason Purdie’s vision: “When life gives you a pandemic, make a movie!”   Jason Purdie is one...

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