The Prospector

It’s not About Gender; ‘It’s About People’

Bingham's Lady Miners coach, Rand Rassmussen, gets his team in a huddle during a game.

Adam Watanabe, Staff Writer

October 8, 2012

Coach Rand Rasmussen is ruthless on the court and field. He rages at bad calls, he even throws out a “what the hell are you doing?” on the good days, of course. But if Rand ever tells his players that they are playing like girls, it’s because he actually means it. Rand is an assistant coach...

Rituals and Superstitions

The Bingham football team performs their pre-game ritual, the haka.

Jon Ewing, Staff Writer

October 8, 2012

From dances and chants to rainbow socks and masking tape wristbands, athletes will do anything to acquire a competitive edge before a big game.  Bingham High School’s various sports teams house a myriad of superstitions, pre-game rituals performed in hopes of bringing their team luck on the field,...

Sports Not at Bingham

Sports Not at Bingham

Tyler Monson, Art Editor

September 13, 2012

When playing on the trampoline, the game of choice is Crack the Egg.  For Olympians, the choice is a little less childish. Instead of trying to get a kid to let go of his legs, these Olympians are flipping and rolling in the air above the trampoline.  The trampoline event showcases high-flying gravity-defying...

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