Letter to the Editor

Corbin Rowe, Student

I am a student at Bingham High School, and the recent tragedy at a Connecticut elementary school has been a hot topic around the school.  Some people are saying that it shouldn’t be politicized, and it is disrespectful to the victims.  The thing is that if we don’t politicize it now when will we start to make changes so that it can’t happen again?  What is worse is if we don’t make any changes so that this won’t happen again.  If you really don’t want a tragedy like this to be publicized, then we, everybody, have to care about these things before they happen.  Nobody really thought gun control was a big deal through the years until the tragedies, such as the theatre in Colorado happened, and even then how long did the discussion on the subject of gun control last?  It lasted about one to two weeks.  The reason we have to publicize it when it happens is because that is the only time people are willing to listen to those that have been trying to talk about the problem all along.