Athletes Of The Month

Jared Holman (Boys Basketball)

Jared Holman is a senior on the boys’ basketball team, playing forward. Jared has been playing basketball since he was a kid, it’s always just been something he’s loved to do. He is a major contributor each game. He said, “We have a game plan and I just try to do what we need to win, and just try to be a team player. “

Hannah Roberts (Girls Swimming)

Hannah is a sophomore on the girls swim team. For a sophomore she’s accomplished a lot. She’s been swimming ever since she was little, and just loves doing it. She tried a lot of sports as a kid, but finally settled on swimming. She said, “I just love swimming because you don’t really have to think about anything when you’re in the water, it’s a really good sport to do because it just keeps you so in shape, and I just love it.” Each meet she prepares by listening to pump up music and telling herself that she’s put in the time and preparation to do her best.