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I’m an Aries so that means I’m a confident, outgoing leader with a short-temper and enough stubbornness to push a mountain… or at least I’m supposed to be.

Aries are people born from March 21st to April 19th. I was born much closer to the April date so maybe that’s why I’m not much of an Aries.

According to Zodiac Fire, as an Aries, I’m supposed to be very outgoing, energetic, and spontaneous.

Ha, as if.

First, I’m normally very quiet. I’m so reserved, that when I was younger, people asked me if I was okay. Second, for a seventeen-year-old, I’m not a lively person. I sound like an eighty-year-old with arthritis when I stand up. Do you know the seniors that go crazy when the drumline plays “Sandstorm”? That’s not me. And don’t even ask if I’m spontaneous. I consider living on the edge when I decide to wear a different jacket. So, that makes zero for three.

However, Aries are natural born leaders and really passionate and driven people. An article by Astrology Zodiac Signs said: “They [Aries] are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything.” That is me to a T. I hate anything I see as inefficient, which turns out to be a lot of things. It frustrates me to no end when people can’t do simple tasks faster, especially people who walk slowly.

Aries are also pretty opinionated and temperamental. When confronted to fight, they are the “Oh you want to go; let’s go. Girl, hold my earrings” type of people. I’m not aggressive or violent but then again, I’m incredibly impatient and stubborn, so maybe I’m more of an Aries than I thought.

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