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Capricorns are born under a sky lit by the planet Saturn. The sun has entered the Capricornus constellation, marking a new section of the year. All 12 of the Zodiac signs are located along the ecliptic, the path the Sun travels through the sky. You are considered to be a certain sign depending on where the Sun is on your birthday. These signs are trademarks of certain traits and strengths and can show you your future.

Or so says IZodiac Signs. There are thousands of horoscope websites, memes, ads, and even more zealous believers. Anyone could go online and find any kind of prediction they want. There is no certainty that these heavenly signs are true or false. So whether you are a hardcore Zodiac follower or a mildly interested peruser, here is some guidance that most astrologists can agree on.

Capricorns take after their symbol, the goat. They are resilient and goal-oriented, making them an invaluable asset in their career. Capricorns are incredibly dedicated to whatever they want to achieve no matter how long it takes. They are practical and logical in their approach to life. Their down-to-earth attitude and patience, they often reach the successes they crave. This can make Capricorns emotionally distant. They prefer their own company over anyone else’s. Capricorns are a deadly enemy, mixing well-thought out calculation with cold anger. Capricorns can also be stubborn and pessimistic to a fault.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of ice cream you are when someone uploads a “The Zodiac signs as:” post. Not everyone born under the Capricorn sign is going to be the same, obviously, but it’s always fun to check.

Capricorn kids are vastly diverse, but there are a few things we can share. Capricorns are the ones who had their birthdays in the armpit of winter. They are kids who never experienced a pinata on their special day because everyone’s fingers were too cold to hold the stick. These kids always spent their birthday parties inside or bundled up like pigs in a blanket while they rolled through the snow.

Capricorns are the warriors who struggle with the battle of being born around the two biggest celebrations in the world: Christmas and New Years. They have to fight to have their day recognized and not just squished in with the other holidays. So if you are a Capricorn, you remember the heavy pajamas and red noses of mid-winter and the mixed wrapping paper of your birthday and Christmas becoming one event.

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