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I have a hard time making decisions – especially if I get pressured to do so. When my friends have any in-fighting or are distant, the imbalance makes me ache, and when the situation absolutely requires it, I’m willing to take leadership, especially if it’s something that I personally want. All of these things about me are proof that I’m a Libra. At the same time, I can blatantly defy my supposed zodiac.

Your zodiac sign more or less says that because a certain constellation was in a certain place in the sky when you were born it contributes to who you are. Your personality is influenced by it. Or something like that. Altogether, I’m torn on whether or not I buy into it. On one hand, I feel like I match plenty of the characteristics. But according to Astrostyle, Libras’ supposedly love busy venues, and that’s basically my worst nightmare. I’ve met people that go either way when it comes to the zodiac. My friend fits being a Virgo to a T, on the other hand after discussing Brandon Kemker’s sign with him, a regular Bingham senior, he appears to be about as different from his sign as can be.

According to the American Federation of Astrologers, the zodiac originates from way back in Greek times, and the fact that it’s still discussed in the present day should be all the proof one needs as to its credibility. Otherwise, it would be a small footnote in history. But I think that anyone will believe that they match a zodiac if you throw enough vague traits in there. I may hate bullies, but who doesn’t? And I’m certainly not a hopeless romantic. But it is fun to see your horoscope for the day, like a fortune cookie every morning.

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