2016-2017 Staff

Konnor Woodburn

News Editor

Konnor is a junior and 2nd year staff member of the newspaper. He is a madrigal and loves to read and...

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Becky Weber


Becky Weber is a student at Bingham High School. She is academically focused, taking a love to school. She ...

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Tallis Spalding

Staff Writer

Tallis Faith Spalding was born in… just kidding, your not going to get all the boring details. Tallis...

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Lexi Sampson

Staff Writer

Lexi still hasn't turned in her Staff Profile.

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Gracie Shoell

Copy Editor

Gracie Shoell is a junior at Bingham High School. It is her first year being a part of the newspaper...

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Emily Rodrigues

Op/Ed Editor

Emily is a junior ( in other words, a small little fire) who spends most of her time writing and tripping...

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Ana Ramos

Staff Writer

This is Ana Luíza Ramos, or the Brazilian for short.  Why? Well she was born and raised in the Southern...

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Bo Potter


Bo Potter is a sophomore at Bingham. He joined Newspaper to continue to explore different aspects of...

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Allie Oniki


Allie is a senior this year even though she still has the mindset of a four year-old. She has loved writing...

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Kameron Nuttall

Staff Writer

Kameron is currently a senior here at Bingham. Some things she is interested in is writing (duh), reading,...

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Jessie Melton

Online Editor

Jessie Melton is currently a Senior at Bingham and an Online Editor for the Bingham Prospector. She loves...

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Kaley Lacey

Social Media Manager

  Kaley loves to travel and share her travels through writing. She's been to California, Montana, Geo...

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Kelsey Heffernan

Social Media Manager

Kelsey Heffernan is a senior this year and it is her second year on the newspaper staff. This year she...

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Alexis Hansen

Art Editor

Alexis “Straight Outta Texas” Hansen is on top of the school this year. JK, she’s not from Texas...

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Giancarlo Diotaiuti


Giancarlo Diotaiuti serves on The Prospector staff as a writer and a photographer. Currently a senior...

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Britney Chen

Staff Writer

Britney Chen is a junior at Bingham. A long time Utahn and a brief native Chinese, she spends her time...

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Brooklyn Bailey

Copy Editor

Brooklyn is a senior this year.  This is her second year on the newspaper. She enjoys reading and working...

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Brooke Anderson

A&E Editor

Brooke Anderson is this year's A&E editor. Ever since she was little she wanted to be a writer. From...

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Abby Anderson

Business Manager

Abby Anderson is a senior here at Bingham High School. She loves music and has been in choir for three...

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