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Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thankful for Thanksgiving
Kylee Page, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

Thanksgiving is almost here! The time to show thanks, give to others, eat way too much food and not get judged for it. But have we already forgotten about Thanksgiving before it is even here? It may be...

Beyond Laziness: The Real Purpose of No Shave November

Beyond Laziness: The Real Purpose of No Shave November
Molly Laukka, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

As a people we need to change the way No Shave November is seen as not just a month to be lazy, but as a chance to spread awareness of the actual purpose. Nowadays people just see it as a way to be...

Round Two of Online School Yields Better Results

Round Two of Online School Yields Better Results
Mandy Jenkins, Editor in Chief November 23, 2020

Schools are being shut down all over. Since the beginning of COVID-19 in March, Bingham has already had two periods of online learning and we are halfway through our third round. Learning online this fall...

The Beasts of Entertainment

Little girl and boy watching video or playing games on their smart phones.
Jacob Lloyd, Minitorial Editor October 27, 2020

Long ago, in an internet not far away, there lived a giant beast: Netflix. It was the only one who could satisfy our addictions.   For years, nothing changed. The beast never changed. The beast’s...

Whoa Hollywood, What Happened?

Whoa Hollywood, What Happened?
Cale Montoya, Staff Writer October 27, 2020

The Hollywood film business has been thriving and making money on a daily basis for decades—until now. This little thing called COVID-19 snuck up on the world and prolonged every event imaginable. Hollywood...

Teacher Workload in the Face of COVID-19

Teacher Workload in the Face of COVID-19
Caitlin Hicks, Opinion Editor October 27, 2020

The strike of COVID-19 caused our world to come to a sudden halt — businesses shut down nearly entirely, schools closed doors, and homes locked themselves down. Now that we are starting to see a soft...

The Controversy of Prom

Jaiden Gunn, Staff Writer April 27, 2020

Throughout many Disney-channel and cheesy teen movies, prom has almost always been a consistent theme. Even in real life, many can’t wait for prom and hope that it’s all they have dreamed it to be....

School House Rock

Mandy Jenkins, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

Many students want to find ways to improve their grades. One great way to do that is to study a musical instrument. Studying a musical instrument can help you at school. Just listening to music in certain...

Social Media and the “Ideal” Body Image

Caitlin Hicks, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

It’s no secret that many adolescent teenage girls struggle with body image. Researcher Dianne Neumark-Sztainer concluded that 50% of teenage girls and 30% of teenage boys use unhealthy methods to control...

Sleep vs Grades

Sleep vs Grades
Ashlyn Bolinder, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

When’s the last time you got a full night’s sleep? If you’re like most high school students, the answer is probably so long ago that you don’t even remember. The difference between getting enough...

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