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Photo of the M1 MacBook Pro

Review: M1 the Computer of the Future

Hannah Blankman February 16, 2021

If you have ever used one of the school computers, you know how awful they can be. The slow Chromebooks that tend to overheat if you do anything more than type a question into Google. The desktops that...

Dance or Date

Dance or Date

Ella Milakovic, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

About a week ago I was asked a very interesting question. Does a dance count as a date? My initial reaction was, “Of course!” I mean you plan it out like a date, you go on day dates, and it is paid...

A Case for Political Independence

A Case for Political Independence

James Mcnees, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

If the current political climate in this country hasn’t strayed you towards political independence, I don’t know what will. Witnessing riots, slander, and corruption from both the right and left parties,...

Pull out your Hallmark Bingo and anyone can enjoy cheesy Christmas movies!

Romantic Christmas Stories; Our Holiday Heros

Sophia Warnas, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

A steaming mug of hot cocoa, a bowl of buttery popcorn, and a happily ever after. It’s the holiday season, and an army of romantic Christmas movies stand at the ready to combat the 2020 blues. Whether...

Shorts in the winter is one chilly choice.

PSA: Stop Wearing Shorts in Winter

Mandy Jenkins, Editor-in-chief December 16, 2020

In Utah, our winters can change constantly. One of the sayings people hear when in this state is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Even with the weather changing, the winter months...

A Rudolph comic by Kylee Page

Kicking Rudolph out from Santa’s Team

Brittany James, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

Being a Christmas enthusiast since the day I was born, I was always a firm believer in Santa and his team of flying reindeer. However, over the years, I found that there was one tale I just couldn't wrap...

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Kylee Page, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

Thanksgiving is almost here! The time to show thanks, give to others, eat way too much food and not get judged for it. But have we already forgotten about Thanksgiving before it is even here? It may be...

Beyond Laziness: The Real Purpose of No Shave November

Beyond Laziness: The Real Purpose of No Shave November

Molly Laukka, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

As a people we need to change the way No Shave November is seen as not just a month to be lazy, but as a chance to spread awareness of the actual purpose. Nowadays people just see it as a way to be...

Round Two of Online School Yields Better Results

Round Two of Online School Yields Better Results

Mandy Jenkins, Editor in Chief November 23, 2020

Schools are being shut down all over. Since the beginning of COVID-19 in March, Bingham has already had two periods of online learning and we are halfway through our third round. Learning online this fall...

Little girl and boy watching video or playing games on their smart phones.

The Beasts of Entertainment

Jacob Lloyd, Minitorial Editor October 27, 2020

Long ago, in an internet not far away, there lived a giant beast: Netflix. It was the only one who could satisfy our addictions.   For years, nothing changed. The beast never changed. The beast’s...

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