The Prospector

An introduction to Justice Barrett

Ella Milakovic, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

A mother of seven children becomes the newest Supreme Court Justice of the United States, blazing a trail for working women across the nation. Amy Coney Barrett believes girls can do anything.  Following...

The Wait is Over: Biden Won.

Presidential election results, final update of the night. Tribune News Service 2020
Hannah Blankman, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

November 7, 2020 - After an election that seemed too close to call, several states like Nevada, finally called in their votes. Joe Biden, was announced by the media as the president elect, and for the...

Zoom University

Universities have made the switch to online classes to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Picture Credit: Getty Images
Jaiden Gunn, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

With COVID-19 cases still on the rise, many Universities have made the switch to online and virtual classes to help prevent the spread of the virus, as well as adding many other safety procedures so students...

Modern Day Technological Revolution

Modern Day Technological Revolution
Jacob Lloyd, Minitorial Editor November 23, 2020

Shining through the darkness that is 2020, the recent tech releases are shocking everyone. Shockingly enough for this past year, it’s not an electric shock. First of the bunch is the iPhone 12. While...

Coronavirus In Schools Across Utah

Bingham High School Miner statue wearing his mask
James Mcnee, Staff Writer October 30, 2020

As we venture further into the year at Bingham High, the infamous Covid-19 has been rampant throughout every school district on a global scale. The fear, as well as the cases, have risen exponentially...

Most Important Presidential Election Yet, How to Use Your Voice

Our symbolic American Flag.
Brittany James, Staff Writer October 27, 2020

With the year 2020 bringing everything it has to offer—from protests, to a virus running rampant—stakes couldn’t be higher for this year’s presidential election. Topics have been debated. Political...

Justice For All; The Living Legacy of RBG

Justice Ginsburg is carried into the Supreme Court one last time on September 23, 2020, with the American flag draped over her casket.
Sophia Warnas, Staff Writer October 27, 2020

The bold icon and Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, passed away on September 18, 2020 after a valiant fight against cancer. An inspiration to the entire country, she is remembered as a fierce...

2020 SBO Elections

Jaiden Gunn, Staff Writer May 18, 2020

With the new school year coming quickly and this year coming to a close at home instead of in school, the SBO elections were done a little differently this year.    Ms. Beddes, the SBO advisor,...

The Global Pandemic: COVID-19

The Global Pandemic: COVID-19
Skylon Thomas, Opinion Editor April 23, 2020

With an early form of the virus beginning as an under the radar virus back in 2003, COVID or “coronavirus” has become a global pandemic, interrupting life everywhere.  As all of you know, the coronavirus...

Bingham Ballroom and Covid-19

Jaiden Gunn, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

Bingham is known for many things, one of which is all our amazing dance teams, including the ballroom team. This year due to COVID-19, they are unable to perform at their End of Year Concert.  Even...

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