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The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

Kilby Block Party 2023

Kilby Block Party 2023

Bella Klinzing, Editor-In-Chief and Arts & Entertainment Editor May 30, 2023

     Kilby Block Party was the most anticipated indie music festival in Utah this year and thousands of fans gathered to watch their favorite artists and bands perform. It was held from Friday May 12th-Sunday...

Senior Activities and Moments

Senior Activities and Moments

May 30, 2023

It’s that time of the year again, the end of school is coming up, and for many of us, the end of school altogether. Here at Bingham, this means that there will be plenty of events and activities for...

Void Hurst, Staff Writer May 30, 2023

It's finally here, summer! We had a long school year and everyone has been working hard to get here. But during summer we do so many different things. What are those things? Well, Harlie Hurst, a social...

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One Century Ago

Sophie Whitehead, News Editor March 16, 2023

One century ago, Americans were listening to soap operas on the radio, eating Welch’s grape jelly, and were driving black Model Ts. Now, Americans watch the Hallmark Channel, eat Welch’s fruit snacks,...

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Carter Carling, Staff Writer March 16, 2023

On Feb. 4th, a Chinese spy balloon was shot down just off the coast of South Carolina. On Feb. 10th, a UFO was shot down off the coast of Alaska. On Feb. 11th, a UFO is shot down over Canada. Feb. 12th,...

Students graduating.
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Seniors! It’s Time to Apply for Graduation Cords

Ella Stringham, Proofreader March 16, 2023

You’ve heard about them since you were a sophomore. You’ve seen them hanging on your older siblings’ walls. You’ve walked by posters for them all around the school. Now you’re finally a senior,...

The Morp poster. 
Photo Credit: Bingham High School

All About Morp!

Ximena Santana, Staff Writer March 16, 2023

Morp is coming up this month and many students have questions surrounding it, some may include: What is Morp? Why is it a boy’s choice dance? Why is it themed after a song? Why isn’t there a Sadie...

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Many stores in the U.S have already begun stocking their shelves in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

‘Sup Singles! So-Called “Valentine’s Day” Isn’t Real

Elle Bird, Opinion Editor January 26, 2023

Chocolate. Hearts. Naked Baby with a weapon? Valentine’s Day has been a staple in society for so long, but people have forgotten the interesting traditions, history, and purpose behind the beloved holiday....

A girl listens to music in a bright orange coat on the beach.
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Top Music at Bingham in 2022

Lindsay Reynolds , Staff Writer January 26, 2023

Songs are an important part of everyone’s life. Whether it's listening to the radio, jamming out to your favorite song, or even just in movies and shows, songs are everywhere. While everyone has different...

Senate results

Elections: What Happened and Why Should You Care?

Carter Carling, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

As the 2022 midterm elections come to an end, the results are unexpected. Historically, the party with the presidency does terribly , but not this year. 538 predicted Republicans to win 52 Senate seats...

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