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The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

Photo Credit: Elle Bird
Many stores in the U.S have already begun stocking their shelves in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

‘Sup Singles! So-Called “Valentine’s Day” Isn’t Real

Elle Bird, Opinion Editor January 26, 2023

Chocolate. Hearts. Naked Baby with a weapon? Valentine’s Day has been a staple in society for so long, but people have forgotten the interesting traditions, history, and purpose behind the beloved holiday....

A girl listens to music in a bright orange coat on the beach.
Photo Credit:TarasMalyarevich

Top Music at Bingham in 2022

Lindsay Reynolds , Staff Writer January 26, 2023

Songs are an important part of everyone’s life. Whether it's listening to the radio, jamming out to your favorite song, or even just in movies and shows, songs are everywhere. While everyone has different...

Senate results

Elections: What Happened and Why Should You Care?

Carter Carling, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

As the 2022 midterm elections come to an end, the results are unexpected. Historically, the party with the presidency does terribly , but not this year. 538 predicted Republicans to win 52 Senate seats...

‘Tis the Season for True Blue 2022

Kelsen Blake, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

True Blue is an annual school tradition that the Student Government runs that is based on giving back to our community.  Every year during December, the students of Bingham High come together to spread...

People walking a long a busy street

8 Billion People – What Now?

Luke Campbell, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

Does it feel like there is more and more traffic as you drive to school everyday? Well, this could be due to the growing population rate in the world. On November 15th, 2022 the world population reached...

Alta ski slopes taken from Sugarloaf chair lift

Photo Credit: Syd Alexander

From Mailmen to Millions – The History of Skiing in Utah

Syd Alexander, Social Media Editor December 2, 2022

It's a basic morning in early elementary school: you roll out of bed after your mom already yelled your name twice, and you're just in time to finish forgotten math homework before you leave to catch the...

 A snow covered mountain in the foreground of a beautiful sunset.

Photo Credit: arbyreed on word press

We’re Done with Daylight Savings

Lindsay Reynolds, Staff Writer December 2, 2022

Daylight savings may be ending, and a bill changing it is being reviewed currently. Get ready to be permanently on daylight savings time, which means the sun is going to go down earlier all year. This...

Bingham Ball: What to Know

Ella Stringham, Proofreader December 2, 2022

November chill is in the air, and with it comes the excitement of the upcoming holiday season. But on the night of Nov. 12, it’s not turkey that’s on Bingham student’s minds. It’s the formal dance...

Utah Changes Its State Flag

Helena Borremans, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

After much criticism against the current state flag, the people of Utah have come together to choose a flag that better represents the state as a whole. For many years people have said that the current...

Queen Elizabeth: Her Life, Legacy and What Comes Next

Malia Lombardi, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8, 2022 at 6:31 pm in the Balmoral castle, a large estate house located in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  The cause of death was old age. She was the first...

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