Carrie Underwood Concert Review

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Carrie Underwood performed at the Maverick Center on October 10th as part of her “Blown Away” tour. A former American Idol competitor, she is a great performer and country pop singer. Her most frequently played is, “Before He Cheats.”

At her concert, she sang with strength and vigor. She performed well and sounded nearly identical to her recorded voice. Her songs were entertaining, and her energy captivating. She tried to involve the audience in every part of her lyrics. She didn’t talk to the crowd much, but portrayed enough emotion through her singing to keep them entertained. The coolest part of performance was when they attached a portion of the stage to some cords and lifted her up in the air, trying to mimic an air balloon. She performed a number of songs on it before being attached to the stage again. Overall, it was a very entertaining concert.

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