Timothy Green Review

Emily Bawden, Editor-in-chief

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People thought the movie Timothy Green would be strange and dumb. The film centers on the Green family, who can’t have a child of their own. When the couple finally gives up, they bury a box with a list of traits they always wished their child would have in their garden. The box ends up growing into a little boy named Timothy, who has peculiar green leaves along his ankles. The rest of the movie tells the story of how the couple tries to raise him, up until he has to leave, as his leaves turn orange and fall off. In the end of the film, the couple adopts a little girl named Lily.

Overall, the film was very good. It was interesting and captivating. It seemed a little more original than most films these days, as ideas are constantly recycled. It was a bit cheesy, however, in some ways. There were times Timothy would stretch his arms up to the sky in an attempt to soak up sunlight, but it was never fully explained why he did so. There was also a part where Timothy showed his leaves to the small town he lived in at a community meeting that seemed unrealistic. The community believed he had leaves on his ankles simply by looking at him from a distance. In order to fully believe something so absurd, wouldn’t they want to further inspect?

I’d recommend the film to anyone who appreciates cute movies with simple plots. It was a good, simple movie that could cause both laughs and tears.

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