Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good

  • “Fruity” -brand fruit snacks
  • Mini M&M’s
  • “Runnin’ home to you” by Grant Gustin
  • Everyone who has shaped my life up to this point
  • Morgan Freeman’s deep, silky voice
  • “Tarzan” and “Lion King” Soundtracks


The Bad

  • Having to put your phone on low power mode
  • Almond Joys
  • There are only 50 Jelly Bean flavors
  • Toyota Corollas 
  • Only some of us leave high school in 3 weeks 
  • LaCroix


The Ugly

  • Chris Pratt when he shaves (look it up, trust me)
  • Holding the bathroom stall door open for someone
  • A British person trying to do a Russian accent
  • Any outcome on a calculator
  • My tears for Bingham that come at night in my bed
  • “Unpleasant and repulsive, especially in appearance.” (According to Oxford Languages dictionary)