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Going AWOL at the Big “A” Show

Photo by Lexi Chopine
Neon Trees at the Big “A” Show at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, UT

For 17 years now, the alternative radio station X96 has hosted an annual concert featuring many popular bands. On Saturday, September 29th, this concert was an all-day event with gates opening at 1 p.m. and closing at 8 p.m. As expected, the entrance line was long. So long, that it circled around the entire block; taking about an hour from start to finish. Last year’s line-up was decent, but this year’s really kicked butt.

Two stages were set up to accommodate these performers: Shrink the Giants, Dead Sara, The Wombats, Eve 6, Imagine Dragons, AWOLNATION, Grouplove, The Used, and Neon Trees. With local band, Shrink the Giant, opening the show, fans were in the mood for a full day of jamming out to their favorite hits.

This year’s venue was at the Downtown Salt Lake City Gallivan Center, but though the weather was great, there just wasn’t enough space. Because of the two stages (and bands alternately playing on each stage), people were rushing around trying to get the best possible view. This lead to stampedes and imminent trampling; if you didn’t get an ideal spot, you were stuck with the view of someone’s back or head.

Mosh pits were also popular to participate in at the foot of the stage (even crowd surfing was attempted by several daring people). Every chance of keeping a personal bubble failed with the people behind you shoving you forward and the people ahead shoving you back. It was similar to the stairwells at Bingham, but about a hundred times (and people) worse. Beer and food spilled everywhere in this fiasco, leaving you drenched, sweaty, and feeling personally invaded.

It seemed the odds of meeting any band members were little to none, but while looking for a t-shirt, we saw Dan Reynolds (lead singer of Imagine Dragons), blending in with the X96 supporters. Like the crazy, obsessed fans that we were, we chased him down and got our picture taken with him.

In addition, the crowds had a variety of fans: from children with their parents to teenagers, and older people. Bingham High was well represented with Tiffany Wood, Elena Pittenger, Nate Kelley, Bailey Janisch, and Lexi Chopine (to name a few).

Other forms of entertainment included a small skate-park show, human hamster balls, and booths for advertisements and shopping. Food and drink were available for purchase at this event as well. The Thai food and Gandolfo’s Deli were great dinner spots along with treats of slurpees and ice cream.

The rest of the day was spent going from one stage to the next to see the bands playing. Imagine Dragons stole the show with hits such as: It’s Time, Radioactive, Tiptoe, Demons, Rocks, and On Top of the World. This spectacular band had the crowd electrified during their entire performance.

The Used and Neon Trees wrapped up the show in a big bang; every person at the show gathered around at the final performance, leaving barely enough room to stand. Overall, the concert was a big hit and made for one amazing day.

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