‘I Wanna Border the Lands Too!’

The official cover picture for Borderlands 2

Photo by Courtesy of google images

The official cover picture for Borderlands 2

Jon Ewing, Staff Writer

Whether a player is an Xbox aficionado, a PlayStation protégé, or a computer connoisseur, Borderlands 2 is the game for him. Described by many as a cross between the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Call of Duty: Black Ops, this mission- based, first person RPG presents both action-packed combat and a well  thought out storyline, both of which many gamers crave.

The main “Bad Guy” is the Hyperion Corporation, specifically the man in charge of it—the despicably horrid, yet humorously likeable Handsome Jack. Jack, hoping to harvest the strongest power on Pandora (the planet on which the game takes place), despises any and all “Vault Hunters” (the players) and vows to exterminate you from the very beginning.

Based on a desired combat style, a player can choose to play as one of four main characters: Axton (the Commando), Maya (the Siren), Gustavo (the Gunzerker), or Zero (the Assassin). In addition to the base characters provided by the game, Gearbox Software is planning on releasing additional characters (such as the Mechromancer) which will be available for purchase as time progresses.

As far as first person shooters go, Borderlands 2 is one of the best. With a cluster of gun manufacturers to choose from and a seemingly endless supply of weapons ranging from pistols to rocket launchers hidden in chests and held by enemies throughout the game, the gun-bearing combinations of a character are nearly endless. Many guns, specifically (but not limited to) those made by Maliwan, carry a special damage effect (fire, electric, corrosive, slag, and explosive) allowing the player to fine-tune his character’s load out to suit almost any need.

After finishing the main storyline, True Vault Hunter mode is unlocked, allowing the player to replay the game with much more difficult enemies, more experience given, and better weapons up for grabs. This allows the player to fully upgrade his character and gain much more personal satisfaction out of an already incredible game. If you’re not afraid of an M-rated game, Borderlands 2 is a must have item to add to your video game collection.