Food Fads

Holly Whistler, Staff Writer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… yogurt! It’s not just hamburgers and french fries anymore; students at Bingham High School are becoming more interested in exotic and healthier food options instead of the typical pizza and donuts. Though these foods will never disappear completely, teens are now looking for a new kind of food they don’t see in fast food joints.

Instead of heading to the regular ice cream shops, teens are now taking their business to frozen yogurt places like Menchie’s and Yogurtland where they can serve themselves and pay by the ounce instead of ordering at the counter. This new option is not only healthier, it’s unique and more fun than having someone hand their food to them. These yogurt places are also popular because of their tasty, exotic flavors that change regularly. At Menchie’s, customers can choose from a variety of flavors from guava to red velvet. Red Mango is another popular yogurt place where the menu corresponds with seasonal fruit. The best part of all: it tastes just as good as ice cream.

This self-serve trend and the popularity of healthier foods can also be seen in teens’ favorite dining restaurants. Sweet Tomato is one of the favorite restaurants among Bingham students. Their menu of soups, salads, pastas, and bread is popular for its freshness and light, healthy ingredients. Zupas is also a frequented restaurant because of its unique menu of different soups and sandwiches, a welcome break from greasy hamburgers and bland pizza.

“It’s all-you-can-eat deliciousness,” said Parker Mortensen, a junior at Bingham High School.

Teens are also finding more interest in Asian cuisine such as Japanese and Thai food. Places like Tepanyaki offer not only savory, unusual food, but also a performance of flipping meats and tossing shrimp into diners’ mouths to entertain them. Sushi is another Asian favorite mentioned by students that offers a new taste. And of course there’s the classic Chinese favorite, Panda Express.

For teenagers, food isn’t just about filling their stomachs; it’s about getting a new and entertaining experience. From international food to self-serve yogurt and salad bars, teens are finding ways to add fun to eating out.