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The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

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The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

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Bingham’s Art Show

When I walked into the art show on December 10, 2012, I felt completely underdressed in my jeans and t-shirt. The patrons were dressed in their best while Bingham students’ art was proudly displayed for everyone to see. I eventually forgot about my appearance as I got lost in the art. It was a live and silent art auction and all proceeds went to Sub-for-Santa. I wish I would have brought money because I missed out on buying my favorite picture.  My favorite was a photo of and by Sarah Lundy. The theme of her picture was inspiration from fear which is ironic since it was one of the brightest pictures at the show. She explained that she was under a bright yellow umbrella because she was hiding from her fears. The contrast between her umbrella and black and white socks caught my attention and brought me into the rest of the picture.

Karsen Cahoon talked about her Carousel picture and I wouldn’t have known that she took it in Boston just by looking at it. She was walking around and found a Carousel placed randomly in the middle of a square and decided it was picture worthy.

 Many of the paintings were of Pokémon, mostly because Pokémon is popular and sell well. One of the highest bids was for Ben Law’s Pokémon Tower painting that sold for $37. His “Eevelution” sold for $34 or higher in the silent auction and Adam Lever bought one of Squirtel for $30 in the live auction.

Another of Ben Law’s paintings was his AP art project at the beginning of school. It was themed around the thought of summer, so Ben’s picture was of a beach and a yummy looking ice cream with crabs around it. The painting has been in the art hallway for a while and got a lot of attention in the display case.

Meagan Hood’s “Boom! Headshot” painting was literally mind blowing. Color is exploding from a man’s skull. There were a couple people fighting for it in the silent auction and it is easy to understand why.

Jenna Bolduc drew a pencil sketch of Cosette from the front cover of Les Miserables. It was fascinating because it was so detailed and looked just like the original.

There were two collages that had famous people incorporated in them. One of Sherlock Holmes, by Emily Van Leeuwen, was featured next to a collage of sentences from his books. It was black and white, dramatic and very interesting. The other was of Emma Watson by Makenzie Crump; it had a charcoal collage background.

The place was just as fun as the art. They did a great job making the library look nice and the music playing gave a sophisticated feeling. There were people handing out food and they were so enthusiastic about handing out the cheese and grapes that it was funny.

The show was something that I hope Bingham will have again; anyone would enjoy being there for the atmosphere and the art Bingham students provide.

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