Justin Bieber Concert

Sarah Dixon, Staff Writer

Teenage heart-throb, Justin Bieber, set foot in Salt Lake City’s Energy Solutions Arena January 5, 2013.  Opener, Carly Rae Jepsen sang her single “Call Me Maybe” after several other songs from an album no one really cared about. Talk about a one-hit-wonder, “Maybe” she’ll come out with some quality tunes.

After an overly dramatic entrance with Justin coming out from over the fog machines and tacky fireworks wearing a pair of oversized angel wings, his tight pants got the best of him while he pranced around the stage with suspected lip-singing.  Justin sang songs from his first album, “Baby” and his newest, “BELIEVE.” The arena was full of estrogen hyped “belibers”  between the ages of six and thirteen, all dressed in purple t-shirts. Bieber had no connection with the audience whatsoever, other than when he would take off articles of clothing to share with the fanatical teenagers screaming shrilly in the front row.  

The entire concert was over-rated, due to the arrogance that the singer portrayed in his performance. The Bieber was only on stage for an hour and half because most of his fans had to get home for bedtime. Although I’m typically a Bieber fan, the performance was a disappointment