Review: Warm Bodies


Carly Christensen, Staff Writer

Everywhere you look, there are girls falling in love with werewolves, vampires, and aliens. But now it’s zombies. Many people consider zombies to be mindless brain-eaters, but Warm Bodies, originally a book by Isaac Marion, added a twist to the plot. It showed viewers a different side of zombies that was completely unexpected.

This movie was very relatable to a young adult. The thoughts and actions of different characters were typical of teens and made the movie easy to relate to.

Warm Bodies showed that falling in love doesn’t happen easily. R, the zombie, started falling in love with Julie, but had no way of communicating his emotions except through basic and awkward gestures. Homesick Julie tries to escape from R and return to her father and the small population of humans that are still alive.

There were scenes of violence, especially toward the end of the movie, but it was endearing to see the gap between zombies and humans being closed. A little love can go a long way.

My only complaint was that the movie used strong language a few times. However, the actors were very realistic. Nicholas Hoult’s (R) facial expressions were very human despite his being undead. This movie is definitely one to see.