A Clockwork Conclusion


The cover of Cassandra Clare’s newest book, Clockwork Princess

Sirene Blair, Staff Writer

I have never cried so hard, laughed so joyously, or clung so desperately to a book in all my life. The long anticipated conclusion to the Infernal Devices Trilogy, Clockwork Princess, is hands-down the best series ending book ever unleashed. Cassandra Clare, equipped with words of intricate and elegant design, guides you through the final moments of main characters Will Herondale, James (Jem) Carstairs, and Theresa (Tessa) Gray. These Shadowhunters, invisible protectors/slayers of demons, are so vividly portrayed that they leap off the pages and into reality. Clare has a talent to intertwine the lives of all her characters; making for a fascinating read.

Clare’s first series, The Mortal Instruments, tells of the Shadowhunter world in contemporary New York. Throughout both series, it was intriguing to make connections and piece together the intricate web of the Shadowhunter world and history. (Bonus: Cassandra Clare added a genealogy map to the inside cover of the book. DO NOT look at it ahead of time if you dislike spoilers.)

There is no lack of action, suspense, or demonic influence in this tragically twisted tale. A sinister being, Mortmain, is determined to cast out everyone and everything with his creepy, demonic automatons. These creatures, covered in patches of human flesh, engage in bloody battles, taking countless lives. The thrilling descriptions are enough to make any reader cringe and sick to the stomach. Meanwhile, the love triangle between the main Shadowhunters has reached its climax. Not only do Will and Jem both love the same girl, but they have been connected by the parabati bond, a ritual that binds them beyond blood, for most of their Shadowhunting lives. At first, Will is afraid to acknowledge his feelings for Tessa because he is bound by a curse that brings a painful death to those he loves. Jem on the other hand, is dying of a yin fen (drug) addiction. At a very young age, Jem was attacked by demons and tortured with the drug, making him reliant on the yin fen for survival. To be brief, his life expectancy is very short. Though both boys are different in appearance and personality, it is easy to fall for their witty and sweet charm. As Tessa battled with the dilemma of choice, Clare put you in Tessa’s shoes and made you feel her divided heart.

I will not reveal the ending to this epic novel because my summary will never do it justice. Let’s just say that Clare’s brilliancy cannot be matched, and that I was a sniveling, tearful mess through the whole Epilogue.

It still saddens me that the tales of hellish automatons, ancient London, and weapon creation have come to a close for now. I wait with high expectations for Cassandra’s next award winners:  The Bane Chronicles and the conclusion to the Mortal Instruments Series City of Heavenly Fire.

Until next time, fellow Shadowhunters; ave atque vale: hail and farewell.