Twerking Backlash

Abbey Rindlinsbacher, Staff Writer

People across the na­tion were shocked by the “scandalous” performanc­es seen at this year’s MTV VMA awards last August 25, 2013. Performers re­ceiving the most attention were Miley Cyrus and Rob­in Thicke.

The celebrities have got­ten various responses, and made their arguments, but students at Bingham High are now adding their input.

Majority of stu­dents have agreed with the rest of society. Mitch Baldwin, senior at Bing­ham High, said, “After I saw those rubber like… I don’t even know what they were, it’s just nasty…I wanted to cry.”

Like Mitch, Kenned­ee Richards, junior, was dis­gusted. What appalled her most wasn’t just the fact that the performers were so indecent but, “There were little kids probably watching…and they were doing that!”

To all the Miley fans out there who still view Miley as a role model Kenned­ee said, “Do you want a role model who’s nasty and embar­rassing? Then go for it!”

Not all stu­dents completely hated the VMA’s. Summer Lars­en, sophomore, enjoyed *NSYNC’s performance and said that even though she doesn’t like Miley as a person she still enjoys her music. Summer said, “I like her voice, but not [her personality]…She treated herself bad [in her perfor­mance].”

She said that her first reaction to seeing how her childhood role model twerked up the VMA stage was, “Oh my gosh! I re­member Miley Cyrus when she was Hannah Montana, but now she’s crazy!”

Like many other old Miley fans, she was very disap­pointed in Miley’s behavior and letting go of her moral standards.

The performers have come out and said that their VMA perfor­mances were strictly work, another day on the job, which meant having to sell themselves to their audience. According to En­tertainment Weekly, Cyrus saw the performance as her making history. This helps ex­plain why she didn’t hold much back.

As far as the hate the pop star has received from ev­eryone, Miley said, “I don’t pay attention to the nega­tive because I’ve seen this play out so many times. How many times have we seen this play out in pop music? Madonna‘s done it. Britney‘s done it.” She told Entertainment Weekly that she was just doing what she thought was right for her image and career path.

While Miley sees her performance as mere­ly work, Liam Hemsworth, her ex-fiancée, disagrees. According to Hollywood Life, a recent report on says, “Liam Hemsworth was completely mortified by Miley’s perfor­mance.” Although he’s dis­appoint­ed, Holly­wood Life said, “[Liam] still loves Mi­ley, but was embarrassed by her performance.” Maybe Liam’s opinion on Miley’s work image will tone her down a notch.

Whatever the ex­cuse or explanation for her outrageous VMA performance, those who watched were caught by surprise, and the awards then provided plentiful gossip for paparazzi, crit­ics and Americans every­where.