Must See Scares

Emily Acton, Staff Writer

Grab the popcorn and candy! Pile on the blankets! Turn off the lights—wait, not all the lights. Halloween is here, which means it’s time to watch scary movies. There’s not anything quite like cuddling up on a couch with your friends or significant other and watching thrillers until you can’t sleep at night. If you’re stumped on what to watch, here are a few suggestions.

Classic Thrillers: They’re not quite scary, but they have a certain, clever charm to them.

Gremlins—A boy unleashes a horde of monsters on his town when he breaks three rules concerning his new pet. “The creatures are making it look like an accident!”

Jaws—The small island community of Amity is terrorized by a series of shark attacks. “This was no boat accident.”

Twilight Zone: The Movie—Four mini-stories come together in a multi-director interpretation of the 1959 sci-fi thriller TV show. “Wanna see something really scary?”

Ghosts: The imprints of souls stuck on earth cause trouble for the living.

Lady in White—Stuck in a school closet during Halloween, Frank meets the ghost of a young girl and her killer, and becomes drawn to a Lady in White who lives in an old house. “Help me find her!”

Poltergeist—A young family is visited by ghosts, whose playful haunting quickly turns nasty. “They’re here.”

Mama—A young couple is faced with raising his strange nieces that went missing five years ago—but they might not have been alone. “There’s a woman outside the window! And she’s not touching the floor!”

Supernatural Curses: Stories of a horrible, deadly pattern that needs to be broken.

The Ring—A journalist investigates a video tape that seems to be a prelude of death. “You have seven days to live.”

The Grudge—Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as an American nurse in Tokyo who discovers a Supernatural curse. “I just want her to leave me alone!”

One Missed Call—A series of people get a voice mail from themselves in the future–including the time, date, and circumstances of their death. “That’s not my ringtone.”

Real Life: Covering topics such as stalking, these are so scary because they could actually happen.

Prom Night—Donna’s senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her life, but a killer from her past has different plans. “I did this for us.”

When a Stranger Calls—A routine babysitting gig is plagued by increasingly threatening prank calls. “We’ve traced the call…it’s coming from inside the house!”

House at the End of the Street—Jennifer Lawrence stars as the new girl in town who befriends the survivor of a strange accident from years ago. “I want you, Elissa… but I need Carrie Anne.”