The Haunted Factor

Kendra Nuttal and Nicole Murri, Staff Writers

Monsters and ghosts and scares, oh my! Halloween is right around the corner, and with it, comes haunted houses, which is a favorite pastime for teenagers ev­erywhere. Here are some attractions definitely worth visiting.

Nightmare on 13th-$20

Nightmare on 13th is a classic here in Utah. It has a reputation for being one of the best, if not the best, haunted houses in the state. Nightmare on 13th has been in business a long time and will not dis­appoint. Everyone on the team: cast, crew, and build­ers, work all year to provide you with something new each season.

This year there are three different haunts to choose from: 13 Levels of Fear, Dark Harvest, or Mutant. Your ticket gets you into all three attractions.

Scariness Rating: Not for kids. Nightmare on 13th could possibly scare the average person.

Fun Rating: Lots of fun, this place really does de­serve its reputation. In our opinion, it really is the best haunted house around.

Located at: 320 W 1300 S, Salt Lake City.

Castle of Chaos-$19

Three different loca­tions- Taylorsville, Riv­erdale, and Orem, make Castle of Chaos one of the largest haunted houses in the state. Each location of­fers something completely different and unique.

The Taylorsville location will be featuring: Hands on Horror, Five Levels of Fear, and Buried Alive Cof­fin Slide. (5576 South Red­wood Road, Taylorsville)

Orem’s location will fea­ture: Carn-Evil (3D), Black­wood Estates, Bedlam Hospital for the Criminally Insane, and the Phobias Research Center. (168 East University Parkway, Orem)

Riverdale will have: Hands on Horror, Carnival of

Chaos in 3D, 7 Deadly Sins Haunted House, Screama­tarium Haunted House, and the Six Feet Under Cof­fin Ride. (1134 West River­dale Road, Riverdale)

Scariness Rating: Castle of Chaos can be a terrify­ing experience for children and sensitive people. At the very least, you must be prepared to be minimally creeped out.

Fun Rating: With all the different features at each location, there is plenty for everyone. Castle of Cha­os is definitely the best price-wise. You will not get bored.

Fear Facto­ry-$25

Rumored to actually be haunted, Fear Facto­ry, right in the heart of down­town Salt Lake, might be one of the most interesting attractions on the list. Once a ce­ment facto­ry, Fear Fac­tory was abandoned due to several accidents and deaths. It fell into a state of disrepair until 2010 when it was turned into one of Salt Lake’s most genuinely scary haunts.

Some attractions include: The Last Ride (a zip line), and, new for this season, the Zombie Bus, described as an apocalyptic bus ride, as well as the haunted house itself.

Scariness Rating: Stay away if you’re afraid of heights. Don’t go if you be­lieve in (and are scared of) actual ghosts. Other than that, we didn’t find this haunted house to be all that scary.

Fun Rating: Very fun, al­though not particularly scary. It’s worth visiting at least once.

Located at: 666 W and 800 S, Salt Lake City.

Crazy Corn Maze (Haunt­ed)-$12

Crazy Corn Maze (Regu­lar)-$7.50

Crazy Corn Maze is back, celebrating it’s fifteenth year. This year the haunt­ed trail is bigger and bet­ter than ever before, three times the size of last year’s haunted section.

For those who aren’t into haunts, the Crazy Corn Maze also offers a regular section that is not scary.

Scariness Rating: Mild. This maze probably won’t actually scare anybody.

Fun Rating: Can be lots of fun, especially with large groups. The bigger the bet­ter.

Located at: 8800 S 4000 W, West Jordan