Thor: The Dark World Review


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Thor: The Dark World in theaters now

Eric Christensen, Art/Online Editor

Thor: The Dark World was the second installment of the Thor movies and this was easily my favorite Marvel movie thus far.  The story introduces Malekith and his dark elves and his plot to cover the universe in darkness, causing Thor and his chaos-reeking brother Loki to stop him. Directed by Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor, we saw plenty of action, as well as good story writing.  The movie gave us more development from the characters, especially the more supporting characters as well as continuing the Avengers storyline.  I enjoyed seeing more of those characters as well as seeing more of the major characters such as Thor and Loki.

There was plenty of good humor, similar to the humor from The Avengers, though most of the humor from Kat Dennings’s character was unnecessary. Christopher Eccelston’s performance of Malekith was ok.  His role was more to progress the story and is not really memorable as a villain, but the greatest performance came from Tom Hiddelston’s Loki. Loki was easily my favorite character and his role in the story. Thor: The Dark World gave us good action, some good humor, and it progressed the Marvel story along, unlike Marvel’s other movie this year, Iron Man 3. Four out of Five stars.