It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s another movie remake!


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Superman has been redone twelve times.

Nicole Murri, Staff Writer

There have been around twenty-six remakes of A Christmas Carol movies, over twenty-five of Romeo and Juliet, seventeen of Little Women, seventeen Dracula movies, twelve Superman movies, and ten Batman movies. The list seems to be endless.

Hollywood is focusing on making movies that feature familiar titles and brands to make the best of their buck. Right when viewers become used to a new character in a film, it seems Hollywood has released a remake with a younger, more attractive actor or actress to take the lead role.

Everyone is familiar with the cliché characters. We have the tough, parentless protagonist, the murderous and malicious antagonist, and the numerous stunning damsels in distress. Over and over again we see the good guy always coming out on top in the end. No one saw it coming.

Footloose was a renowned 80’s movie, so it can’t help but be questioned if a remake was even necessary, and the same goes for the revamp of Total Recall. In 1990, the original Total Recall was nominated for an Oscar, and won a Special Achievement Award, and a Saturn Award. The 2012 remake had a United States gross of less than half of its budget.

All remakes aren’t questionable though. In the novel, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, when Veruca Salt falls down the chute where the squirrels cracking nuts inhabit the room, the 1972 film wasn’t able to recreate the event and replaced it with geese laying golden eggs. The 2005 remake took advantage of the improved technology of its time to successfully reproduce the scene.

The special effects today transform the cheesy scenes of horror films into realistic frights of today. For example, the Japanese 1954 Godzilla has come a long way since its first monster suit weighing over 200 pounds. King Kong, Frankenstein, The Thing, My Bloody Valentine, Carrie, and many more were able to be redone realistically with better graphics, makeup, and props.

It’s time to be honest, no matter how many unoriginal movies that comes out; lines at the cinema are going to be filled with viewers that give the benefit of the doubt. So go out and see the 25th remake of Romeo and Juliet. It’s already in a theater near you, but you better go quickly, seats are filling up fast.

Future remakes:

Robocop, Annie, Dirty Dancing, The NeverEnding Story, The Birds, Little Shop of Horrors, My Fair Lady, Poltergeist, Popeye, Frankenstein, The Jungle Book, Godzilla, The Mummy, and many more.

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