‘Everything is Awesome’ about ‘Lego Movie’


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The Lego Movie in theaters now.

When I first heard about this so called ‘Lego Movie,’ I was pretty excited, as a Lego fanatic.  That being said, this movie blew me away.  The film deserved to come out during the summer and didn’t belong with such atrocities like The Legend of Hercules and Devils Due.

The Lego Movie is about this guy, Emmet, voiced by actor Chris Pratt, who is chosen as the most important person in the world.  He’s the one to save the world and become the greatest Master Builder.  He’s charged with taking down the evil Lord Business, voiced by Will Ferrel, before he takes over the world.  He meets up with several other Master Builders as they try to help Emmet save the world.

Directed by the same directors who gave us Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (and the sequel), as well as 21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie was the perfect blend of incredible animation as well a great story to go with it.  The animation in this film differs from other “Lego” movies.  In the other films, the animation is completely computer generated images (CGI) whereas this film is still CGI, but the CGI looks like stop-motion animation, permitting the Lego characters only by their physical limits as plastic people.  But it’s not just the people and the buildings that are Lego.  Everything from clouds to water to fire is all made of the stop motion animated Lego and it really is well made animation.

The story is filled with clichés, but the way its told, they use the clichés to poke fun at them. It’s also very heartwarming with the story containing more than one message. The jokes that follow in the film are really funny.  Though the film is marketed more to kids, most of the jokes will be make the adults watching as well.

The voice acting in this film is really good.  Chris Pratt as the lead does very well, as well as Will Ferrel with the villain, but Will Arnett as Batman was the best part about it.  His humor and one-liners gave us plenty to laugh at.  There are a lot of cameo voices in the film from Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as Superman and Green Lantern respectively, to Anthony Daniels as C-3PO.  And even the characters get great little parts as the story takes us to different parts of the Lego world.  We see characters such as Lego Shaq, Wonder Woman, as well as a few other Star Wars characters.

In the end, The Lego movie had great heart to it, with incredible animation and great voice acting while not being too immense in scale. 5/5

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