Singing with the Stars


Photo by Photo courtesy of Haydn Olsen

Haydn Olsen holding up her American Idol ticket

Caitlyn Bone, Staff Writer

Since the hit show American Idol first aired on TV in 2002, with 441 episodes and 11 seasons, it has inspired people all across the country to believe in their voice and try out their talent.

Sophomore Haydn Olsen had that same yearning to chase after her dreams.

Since Haydn was seven-years-old she always dreamt about being on American Idol. She told her parents that as soon as she turned sixteen, she was going to audition.

Her dream was never taken seriously until last year when Haydn got injured playing soccer, which gave her the time to pursue her dream. As soon as she heard American Idol was coming to Salt Lake, she decided to audition; which embarked her on a schedule consisting of three or more hours a night practicing and taking lessons.

In July of 2013 Haydn and thousands of others made their way downtown for registration and auditions but a spot on the show was not guaranteed.

“What you see on TV is nothing like what you are really doing,” Said Haydn. “They only show one round on TV, when in reality there are really four.”

Like actors, the auditionees had to pretend to be nervous for their audition, despite having been done for the day. “Everything was staged and fake,” said Haydn.

Haydn and many others got through the pre-rounds, which moved them to audition in front of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Henry Connick Jr. But unfortunately that is where her journey ended.

For her audition songs she chose, “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz, and “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia. Haydn chose “I won’t give up,” because it really hits home for her.

“ Every time I hear it I think of struggles that I have gone through, and I just think I won’t give up! Even though I didn’t make it, I still won’t give up.”

Haydn may not have made it as far as she had hoped, but she is staying optimistic about it. “My goal right now is just to try and get myself out there, and recording stuff, but going back on the show is my main goal,” Said Haydn.

Her favorite part about the whole experience was the people she met. Some of her best friends today are those she met doing American Idol.