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Swing into Spring


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Fashion trend examples

Spring has hit early this year, and as the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, the general population excitedly pushes their boots and coats to the back of the closet and eagerly breaks out the skirts, shorts, and tanks.


Boxy jackets – wear with tight-fitting pieces underneath to avoid looking like…a box.

Contrast color collar button downs – gives a modern edge to a traditional look.

Bomber jackets – try in classic leather or a hip print, sporty yet super versatile.

Tea-length skirts – flashback to the 50s with this classic, modestly cut style.

Sweater-dressing – the seasonal sweater – wear with pants, skirts, shorts, or over a dress.

Side-stripe trousers – a “sporty-meets-sophisticated” look, says GLAMOUR magazine.

Collarless coats – a stream-lined look that is ultra wearable.

White blouses with extra details – spice up a classic wardrobe staple.

‘Luxe’ sweatshirts – Finally, the magazines are telling you to wear a sweatshirt! Focus on pullovers with cool prints or decals.

Black&White – this ever-classic combination is seen paired in prints and even more so in outfits, (white skirt black shirt, and vice versa).

Crop tops – popular in the 80s and now back in style, crop tops highlight small waists and look great with high-waisted bottoms. Just make sure you’re not baring midriff at school.

Athleticism – this influence is becoming more and more prominent as the seasons go on. Don’t be afraid to look a little sporty.

Oxford shoes – this gentlemanly style of shoe can transition over to women’s wear if done right- try to find a metallic pair or ones with sky-high heels to combat the ‘school-girl’ look.

Menswear inspired – from blazers to boyfriend jeans and from oxfords to big t-shirts- don’t be afraid to raid your boyfriend/dad/brother’s closet.



PLAID is ever-present! Tie a flannel around your waist or throw one over an outfit to add just the right amount of grunge

Hawaiian print– before you go buy up half the men’s shirts at DI beware- do this tastefully and only in small doses

Geometric – leave the theorems in math class but bring the diagrams to the forefront. This print is ultra cool and sleek

Iridescent – Be it gold, silver, or bronze, keep an eye out for metallic prints

Pattern Mixing – don’t be afraid to mix cheetah and plaid, cheetah and stripes, plaid and stripes, stripes and floral, floral and plaid, floral and cheetah… the possibilities are endless


Pastels – these are EVERYWHERE this season

Candy tones – look for pastels in candy tones

Primary color combos – red, yellow, and blue! Pair them each as different pieces or all together in a print.




Quilted fabrics – looks great in jackets

Mesh – yet another throwback to the 80s


Fashion is always going to be recycling ideas from past decades, taking a concept and adjusting the fit to match the times. This is true even more so this season.

Bring back the 80s in crop tops and high-waisted shorts, skirts, and pants. Embrace the Latin-American-Influence with Frida Khalo-esque braids, and a fresh face with red lips. Be a modern Audrey Hepburn in a tea-length circle skirt.

The key to a successful style throwback is doing it tastefully. Don’t wear a brightly patterned windbreaker and sneakers with your high waisted shorts. Maybe don’t wear your favorite clogs with your slip dress.

On the other hand, do pair your high-waisted skirt with a statement tee or a chic blouse. Do wear more modern heels with your tea-length skirt so you don’t look like a granny.

Always remember when doing a throwback- everything in moderation.