Chick Flix vs. Guy Flix

Jessie Melton and Owen Krause

One Sunday Night:

“Honey!” she says holding up Pride and Prejudice. “You still need to watch this with me.”

Her husband runs his fingers through his hair. “You know I fall asleep every single time I watch it with you”

“That’s exactly why you still need to watch it with me!” she exclaims

He groans, “I just don’t get the point of it; it just seems like a lot of small talk and drama to me, I don’t even understand what is going on the whole time, and the language doesn’t make any sense.”

She gasps in horror. “How dare you?! Pride and Prejudice represents everything this world should be, but men like you ruin it.”

The Next Day:

“Honey!” he says holding up World War Z. “You still need to watch this with me.”

His wife frowns. “You know I can’t stand that movie, I don’t get all the explosions, and it’s just so stupid. There’s no plot and not enough romance.”

He gasps, “It is not stupid – how could you say that?!”

She rolls her eyes. “I just, I’m sorry I’m just not into that kind of movie.”

This is pretty close to a very common argument. What makes chick flicks so appealing to girls, and what makes guy flicks so appealing to guys?According to recent scientific experiments, girls tend to me more attracted to long explanations and emotions. The movies that fit the description, “Chick Flick” tend to be in that alley, lot’s of romance, perfect men, and moving story lines. Guys, on the other hand, like straightforward and action packed films. They’re more into loud explosions and not all the sappy dialogue that usually ends up in a “Chick Flick”. It can also be hard for guys to sit through a romantic and complicated plot, but it’s also hard for girls to sit through an action packed guy flick. Girls say that they can’t stand a movie when there’s not depth, and often, guy flicks are the opposite of depth. Guys tend to get bored and uninterested when the plot gets too drawn out and complicated, especially as something that’s already confusing such as love. Girls, you just have to accept the fact that they’re not going to want to watch the 5 hour extended version of Pride and Prejudice, and if he sits down and watches it with you, even if he falls asleep, then you have got yourself a very fine guy. While there are the girls who wouldn’t mind watching one of the new action films and there are guys who don’t mind watching chick flicks, the majority of both genders tend to favor one side.