Is It Time To Let It Go?

It’s been almost a year now since we heard Idina Menzel belt Let it Go for the first time (in forever) and one year since we experienced the heartbreak of Hans’ betrayal. And the love for this life-changing movie is as real today as it was last November.

A Frozen addict, Camille Jessen, shared her thoughts on why this movie has soared above and beyond expectations. She believes the key is it focuses on families. “[The moral is] not you don’t need a man, it’s that family is important.” Disney fans of all ages have been affected by the message of this story and all believe it should not be downgraded or dismissed. However, many are shocked at its ever growing popularity. This is revolutionary; no Disney princess has ever become this popular. Frozen, in a sense, has become its own fandom. It is no longer just a section of the Disney fandom. This is evident on many social media sites. Pinterest is a popular outlet for the thousands of Disney fans. It boggles my mind when a Disney fan has a larger Frozen board than an all around Disney board. According to, Frozen has a larger social media base than all the official Disney sights combined. This site ranks Frozen’s popularity at a 217.05 and Disney’s as a 196.02. That doesn’t even make sense! Others I have talked to agree that this surge is a little ridiculous.

However, this does not mean we should discredit and ignore this iconic tale. The characters are endearing, the story is flawless and the lives it has affected are innumerable. So, is it time to let it go? No. However, many agree that it is time for Frozen to melt into the ranks with the normal Disney legacies. We will never forget this story that has taught us the importance of love and that love is an open door.