Peter Pan Review

Megan Monson, Editor-in-Chief

Bingham High School’s production of Peter Pan was “nicely crammed with hardly any space between one adventure and another,” as its main character says. The musical ran from November 14th to 25th, had an impressive ten performances and was a huge success.

Peter Pan:the Musical was based on the play, Peter Pan, by Sir J. M. Barrie written in 1906, and is a far-cry from the Disney version of Peter Pan you enjoyed as a child. The story follows the young Darling children on their adventure to Neverland with Peter Pan. Adventure it was indeed, complete with Pirates, Indians, Lost Boys, sword fights, fairy dust, and everything in between.

Bingham’s Pit Orchestra successfully set the tone of the musical with music that made you feel like you’re in Disneyland. And the actors’ catchy songs, like “I Gotta Crow,” “I Won’t Grow Up,” and “Oh My Mysterious Lady,” were bound to stay in your head for days.

Sarah Royall, who played Peter Pan, stunned audiences with her stellar vocal talent, and proved to be a fearless hero when facing the pirates. With Chelsie Relph, Chandler DeYoung, Brian Khong, Kara Vail, and Ammon May, the Darling family certainly earned their name.

The easily distracted pirates with their fearless leader, Captain Hook (Ammon May) provided an excellent band of villains, and many good laughs. If only you could break out into a well-choreographed song and dance in the middle of math class like Hook did whenever he had to “think.”

Peter Pan’s Lost Boys made very loveable little boys, and made audiences wish they could be children again. Tiger Lily and her Indians were excellent dancers and spoke very good Indian gibberish.

Peter Pan well exceeded my already high expectations, with its epic flying scenes, dramatic entrances—such as Peter Pan swooping in through the window of the nursery with glitter in his wake, and Hook’s parade of pirates successfully dumping him from his high seat—and dynamic characters.