Flashback Friday

Remember the movies of your childhood? Movies like Back to the Future, Sandlot, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and every Disney movie ever made!

I remember late nights watching old movies I recently bought and making homemade popcorn and cocoa.  Nothing could be better! These were the nights that stuck with me. The nights that I will always remember were spent curled up with a favorite movie, because living in South Jordan, let’s be honest, not much happens. Movies gave you a look into the possibilities of life outside of the suburbs. Places where the outcasts and the underdogs kids were the ones who had it good. Movies made me think of a better future then where we are stuck in our current awkward times of grade school.

I obsessed over movies like Back to the Future. No matter how cliché and cheesy the third movie was, I will always remember Mcfly as my first crush, or possibly, love. And in Sandlot, the lifeguard Wendy being the coolest chick I aspired to be in my life. Just saying. Lord of the Rings was the first sci-fi fantasy movie to hook me for a lifetime. And, of course, the phenomenon that was Harry Potter. Hermione taught me it was cool to be nerdy (maybe only if you’re a witch…). These movies define what went through my mind as a child. It was all the same to me. My honest emotional connection to movies of my childhood is probably an issue that I do need to see a therapist about, but will never let go of it. I love it all too much! I dreamt of traveling to far off places. Disney had me either wishing or dreading falling in love and basically the future altogether.

Honestly, I think we all need a good dose of childhood memories and happiness in this time of stress and dreaded homework (Thanks, high school) so go and watch a movie from your childhood, and feel the magic of childhood joy again.