Hunger Games Movie Review

Almost everyone has read the books or at least seen the movies in the popular Hunger Games trilogy. The third movie out of the four instalments Mockingjay Part One has recently come out.

Overall I personally liked the first movie adaption The Hunger Games; drama, humor, dresses and romance are the perfect combination. After all, who didn’t cry in the movie when Rue died and all of Panama was silenced. My heart was racing when Clove attacked Katniss. There were some things about the movie that were less than perfect. Those who read the books would agree that not having Madge was a big disappointment. Another part of the movie that bothered me was the scene where Peeta gives Katniss bread. In that scene they were both supposed to be children, in the movie they had them the same age. Also, I was a little disappointed that Haymitch didn’t send sleeping syrup, but instead the movie had Peeta fall asleep of his own accord. Other than those few discrepancies, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and loved the scenesinvolving fire. I still get chills every time those mutant dogs appear.

In Catching Fire, the book and movie spend the majority of the time in the arena again. After the first movie they had better funding to make Catching Fire even better than the first movie. There was amazing acting brought by all the actors. Jennifer Lawrence is perfect for the role of Katniss; she just grows on you. There were only two major things I didn’t like about the movie Catching Fire. The makers of the movie didn’t have the scene where Katniss was trapped in the forest, and the jumps out of the tree. I deeply enjoyed that part in the book. The other thing that wasn’t in the movie is where when Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill, which was a major part of the story.

I think for the first time the movie outdid the book with Mockingjay Part One. Many people didn’t like this adaption, mainly because it’s leading up to the second half and developing the characters deeply. Many of the exciting scenes in the movie were ‘milked’, because they were not as profound in the book. I personally liked that Effie Trinket stayed instead of adding two strangers to the story, unlike the book. There was only one big flaw with the movie that bothered me. I am very upset that they didn’t have the scene with Katniss, Haymitch, and the head shackle that was in the book. A very pointless scene, I hold very dear to my heart. I hope in the next part they show the more awful side of Coin. My favorite scene from the movie was when Katniss was singing The Hanging Tree and all the rebels joined in and took over the dam. If not that scene, then she sets fire to the jets and does her monologue. “If we burn, you burn with us.”