Life Changing Super Powers

Allie Coats, Art Editor

Everyone carries around that desire to have super powers. We can’t help it, people want the chance to change and improve their lives, and for most, super powers are the easiest way to accomplish this.

The ability to teleport is by far one of the coolest powers that you could have, think about all of the occasions where this would come in handy. Imagine, the bell rings and you just remembered that you left your assignment on the printer. No worries, you just pop home, grab your paper, and you’re back at school before anyone noticed you’re gone. If you had the ability to teleport there would be no more sneaking home at night, you could just teleport to your bedroom, past the creaking door and the squeaking stairs. You would never be late to anything, and if a crime filled life appeals to you, this is defiantly the power to have. You would never have to deal with electric fences, or locks, you could just teleport yourself into a bank vault fill up a suit case and teleport out, no muss or fuss.

Invisibility would be an amazing super power to have access to, because of all the things that you could get done. Imagine the amount of pranks that you could pull. You could spend a whole day following someone around, making them think that they are crazy, calling their name, blowing on their neck, tying their shoes together. When you have days where you don’t want to talk to anyone, you could just turn invisible every time you see them.

One of the best powers to have would be elastic arms, like the mom on the Incredibles. You could squeeze yourself into anywhere, the Trax, lines, the bleachers at football games. If you are sitting on the couch watching whatever is on because you’ve lost the remote, no worries your arm can span the distance between you and the television with ease. At school you would never have to be reduced to an air-five because you can reach the whole way, or when the teacher asks you to turn off the lights, or you drop your pencil and it rolls miles away from you.

Having a super ability would improve life on so many levels. Socially you would not have to put up with all of those awkward in counters, you would never forget an assignment on the printer, and light switches would no longer be a stretch. Super powers could change your life in multiple ways and all for the better.