If My Life Were a Fairytale


Megan Hutchings, News Editor

Have you ever wished that you could magically transport yourself into a fairy tale? Or that your life could be as simple and perfect as the characters in one? Imagine what a modern fairy tale would look like. Right here at Bingham High School. Of course, mornings would be easy because you wouldn’t have to wake up an hour and a half earlier each day to do your hair and your makeup. You would wake up completely refreshed looking and blissful. Your hair wouldn’t be the disgusting rat’s nest that it normally is, it would be perfectly straight and perfect looking. Not one piece of hair would be out of place. There wouldn’t be any elusive mascara smudges under the eyes because your makeup would still be perfect from the previous day. Next is choosing an outfit for the day. The normal dilemma of having nothing to wear doesn’t apply because friendly furry friends, namely your younger brothers have done all of your laundry. You walk out the door to go to your car only to realize that there is a mini hurricane straight over your house. But no worries because as soon as you step into your car ever strand of hair falls perfectly into place.

We cannot forget the most iconic and important part of a fairy tale, the prince. While there are not any real royals walking through the halls in Bingham, there are still some people who are equivalent. You never know where you might meet your soulmate. It could be anywhere from the science labs to the history halls. Who knows, it might even be in the sweaty gym class. Another iconic part of every fairy tale is the hilarious side kick of the hero or heroine. We all have those funny little friends who make us laugh everyday. Despite the hardships of high school, there is no need to worry because you know that in the end, a happily ever after and a gorgeous sunset are waiting for you because that is how pretty much every fairy tale ends.