Hottest Men in Fiction


Jessie Melton, Staff Writer

Most know the feeling. You’re reading a book or watching a movie and all the sudden some dashing and totally hot character waltzes his way into the story. From that moment your life is changed forever. Sadly, that man isn’t real and even sadder is now your expectations of men in real life are unrealistically high and thus you’re never going to find a man who meets those standards and will probably end up alone crying over the fact that Captain America is never going to ask you out. It’s a legitimate problem. But we will humor you a little bit longer and give you the ultimate list of the top 10 men in fiction.
First and foremost we have Mr. Darcy. And I’m not talking Matthew McFadyen Mr. Darcy, no Collin Firth Mr. Darcy. I’m sorry, but if you haven’t seen the 6hr version of Pride and Prejudice then you are no fan of Mr. Darcy. Let’s be honest he’s like the bad boy we all can’t resist, but at the same time the knight in shining armor old time gentleman we’ve all dreamed about since we were kids. Yep he’s the full package.
Coming in second we have Aragorn and Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. Yes I know that’s two, I never claimed to be good at math. Plus they’re a package deal so don’t question it. I never thought that I would be attracted to a sweaty, greasy haired guy, with blood in his beard, but Aragorn is the exception. Seriously, he somehow combines war blood and guts with looking extremely hot. Legolas is great because he’s the opposite of that. He travels for days without a shower whilst killing orcs and carrying hobbits and still somehow has the most beautiful and luscious hair ever, and escapes with barely a smudge of dirt on his face. It’s the best of both worlds.
For Number 3 can we just talk about the Chris’s? There is something about actors named Chris, but somehow they all end up in a sci-fi/superhero movie and they’re all extremely good looking. Let’s see, we’ve got Chris Evans as Captain America (my personal favorite), Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and Chris Pratt as Star Lord. Honestly though. It’s some sort of conspiracy, how can there be that many hot actors all with the same name al in the same kind of genre of movie? I don’t know. That will probably be the question of the century.
Noah from the Notebook, is probably the single most celebrated man in fiction. I don’t think I’ve ever met any woman who wasn’t completely in love with him. Maybe it’s the way he refuses no as an answer and continues to chase the woman he wants until she falls for him, because that is pretty attractive. He is willing to do anything and everything as long as it means he gets his girl, and let’s be honest we all like a guy like that every once in a while.
Harry Potter. Now this took me a couple years to get. But even though Daniel Radcliff may not be the most traditionally handsome person and book Harry Potter wasn’t mean to be the most aesthetically pleasing person, but I mean the guy defeats the Dark Lord. What’s not hot about that? He’s one of those guys you know would be just the amount of strength but just the right amount of awkward. He’s the kind of guy you want to marry, to be honest.
Alright now this one is for everyone, Nerds and non-nerds alike. David Tenant as the 10th Doctor managed to captivate both whovians and people who have never seen the show (me). Because let’s be honest I don’t know one person who doesn’t feel the need to run their fingers through his hair. It’s just so perfectly imperfect and…..fluffy.
Now this one I don’t personally agree with so much because I was not too big of a fan of the Divergent series in general. The character of Tobias Eaton just wasn’t very appealing to me, but he was super good looking in the movie, I’ll give you that. Theo James no doubt is extremely attractive on the outside, but still I couldn’t get into his character all that much. But for those of you who did, I’ll humor you. He’s definitely heroic and has a kind of bad boy appeal, along with a very mysterious background. Which if a character is done right that can be very alluring, he could have been a very interesting character, it’s a shame. He is nice to look at though.
Honestly I think every girl went through this as a kid after watching the live action version of Peter Pan with Jermeny Sumpter. All those nights wishing Peter Pan would show up at my window all because of that show. Also if you haven’t seen a recent picture of him, go look him up ladies. You’ll thank me later.
The next one was hard because everyone has a personal opinion, but we all at one point(and probably still do) had a major thing for one of the Disney Princes. Whether it was Prince Eric and his gorgeous blue eyes, Prince Phillip’s heroism, Flynn Ryders charm and smile (***faints), Naveen’s accent, Aladdin’s mysteriousness, or Kristoff’s goofiness sometimes it’s fun to go back to your childhood fantasies of Disney Princes.
Last, but definitely not least Augustus Waters. He comes from, probably the most tragic love story of our time. He is honestly the sweetest guy, trying to comfort and help his girlfriend who is struggling with cancer while he himself is actually dying from cancer. No matter who you are the story is a very sad one, but at the same time so romantic. There is no fluffy love story, but a realistic and heart wrenching one.