Midnight Showings

Allie Coats, Art Editor

Midnights showings are a weird blend of enjoyable torture. There is something really rather exciting about staying up all night with friends, eating all sorts of junk food you never wanted, just so that you can see a new movie twenty-four hours before everyone else.

One of the best parts of going to a midnight showing is staying up late. Although we all know that we need sleep in order to be a normal and well-adjusted individual, we get a little high from staying up all night. There is no real logic to it, because everyone that I know loves to sleep, but we all have this small fear of missing out on something when we are sleeping. Which is why we find midnight showings so exciting, especially when there are other people in your home that are forced to go to sleep when you get to party the night away at the movies.

On the other hand, when you buy your ticket to go to the midnight showing does it say Thursday or Friday? This is a real concern, because I would have no idea when to show up to the theater. Another weird factor of the midnight showing are the snacks. You’re at the movie theater so your head is telling you that you need popcorn and soda, but it’s also midnight so your body wants nothing to do with the snack bar, and you usually end up eating a bunch of junk food that you never actually wanted.

So for better or for worse, everyone has something that they enjoy about a midnight showing, and now they all seem to be disappearing. Is it because something as silly as logic is taking over? Or that people stopped buying the midnight tickets because they could just see it at a humane hour the next day? Or perhaps it is because the workers who were forced to stay late were beginning to revolt. Whatever the reason we are sad to see them leave, and we will miss them.