Bad Movie Decisions

Kameron Nuttall, Staff Writer

There is always that one person in movies that make really, really bad decisions and only make things
more difficult for them, and you are left wondering why they made the decision in the first place.  Now
there are two types of decision making in movies: there’s the one that just screams danger and death,
usually this is found in horror films. Then there’s the one that kind of ruins the ending and you can
predict what is going to happen next, this is usually found in hero or spy movies. Not only are the
decisions unrealistic and out proportions usually, but you also wonder what made them think that
certain decision was a good idea.
First let’s talk about the bad, horror movie kind. Whether it’s picking up a weird book, moving into a
house that has bad history, or going through the door that has something breathing on the other side,
you name it: every bad decision has been made with horror films and all the characters suffer just
because they wanted to have a little fun and be rebellious. What’s wrong with sitting at home and
having a sleep over? Once these things are done, there is usually no happy ending.  Not to mention how
hard it is to watch and suffer through the bad decision making. By the end of the movie you’re
practically yelling at the screen “Don’t open the door!”. Guess what, they’re going to open the door.
Now with hero and spy movies, the hero usually makes a last minute decision that saves their lives in
the last possible second. But why did they get themselves into trouble in the first place? They always
seem to make the decision that is the tough way out don’t they. Now imagine, your favorite superhero
is trapped in a death trap, the villain explains their evil plan and what they picture what the outcome
will be. Not a good idea. First off, they just gave away the away the entire plot, and now the hero knows
what the villain is planning; talk about spoiler. So now the hero escapes easily out of the so called death
trap, and so on and so forth. Then it becomes obvious that the hero let the villain capture them. Why
not defeat the villain in the first place? You could’ve avoided hundreds of buildings being destroyed!
But the thing is, movies wouldn’t really exist if a character hadn’t come up with a dumb idea to go into
the house, or tie up the hero tighter. There would be no horror movies, no action movies, probably no
movies at all. There probably wouldn’t be any books if you really think about. So cheers to bad decision