Miner Love


Drawing by Emily Rodrigues

We love Bingham. We love our sports teams. We love our music programs. We
love our SBOs. We love our Hope Squad, and our Hope Squad is trying to remind us to
love each other. That is why they have started #minerlove.
Alexa Allen, who is part of the Hope Squad, says that miner love is a verb. It is
an action that we must all take to become united as a school and a community. “It’s just
a way of showing everyone at Bingham that we love them,” she said. The hashtag is
meant to be used whenever a student wants to support another Bingham miner,
according to Mikk Berger, another Hope Squad member.
Students show incredible support for the new hashtag. Josie Smart said “If you
are welcoming to everyone and love everyone then you’re going to have a great high
school career and a career later in life. It teaches you…amazing qualities that you can
keep for the rest of your life.” Another student, Richard Bennet, said, “I think it means
unification, you know. Nobody will ever be able to truly understand someone else when
they’re badgering them.”
The idea for #minerlove originally came from the SBOs because of cyberbullying
that was going on in the Bingham community. They turned the responsibility of
carrying it out over to the Hope Squad because “the purpose of the Hope Squad is to be
there for any student who needs a friend, or anything in general.” according to Hope
Squad member, Isa Alcaraz.
Miner love is “a way to inspire other people to spread the love,” says Berger. No
one should ever feel left out or alone. Assuring that they don’t is a choice we can all
make. “It’s especially for Bingham Miners, but it can be universal.” Remember to love
your fellow miners and your fellow men and remember that you are loved. If you are
feeling depressed or alone talk to the Hope Squad, or call the national suicide lifeline at
1 (800) 273-8255.