Movie Ratings

Movie Ratings are provided in order to allow the audience to know what kind of content
is in the movie that they will be watching. says that “Today’s voluntary movie
rating system is aimed at giving parents the information they need to decide whether a film is
appropriate for their family”. Over the years, however, movie ratings have become less and less
accurate and allow more and more into movies.
There are four main movie ratings right now: G, PG, PG-13, and R. Unless there is a
Disney movie playing, most of the movies at the theater will be rated either PG or above. Going
to the movies is a fun family activity, a date, or an activity to do with friends, but it’s getting
hard to know what you will be seeing when you walk into a theater. Nothing is worse than going
into a PG-13 movie and then seeing things that you didn’t want to see, or going to a PG-13
action movie expecting it to be really cool and having nothing exciting happen. A lot of parents
are taking their kids to movies that they think are appropriate for them to see and then  leaving
wishing their kids hadn’t seen it. Each parent has their own level of appropriateness for their
children, but no matter what that is, parents need to be able to make sure that a movie meets that
level of appropriateness. Whether appropriate is R or PG, it is still important to know what you
will see. People can watch any kind of movie they want, but when someone goes into a theater or
rents a movie, they should know what kind of content will be on the screen.
This makes it very important to some people that the ratings that are advertised for a
movie are accurate and not downplayed so that more people will go to see it. Sometimes ratings
are a little inaccurate so that more people will watch it. If a movie is on the brink of PG-13 and
R, it might be swayed towards PG-13 so that younger kids are allowed to see it without an adult
There are several websites that have been created in order to inform people about what
content is in a movie. Some of the best movie review websites are IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.
These websites take pretty much every movie ever made and breaks down what will actually be
in the movie. These are great resources for people to use if they want to be careful what they or
their kids see on the movie screen. Parents who use these websites for young children can know
exactly what is in the movie they are going to see. Then they could tell them to close their eyes at
the right moments.
No matter which rating of movies you watch, it is still important to a lot of people to
know what kind of content will be in a movie. Movie Ratings have become less and less accurate
and it is important that the audience knows what will be in the movie.