Must See Movies

Brooklyn Bailey, Staff Writer

There always seems to be some movie that everybody is obsessing about. “You have to

see it!” “It’s so good!” “I loved it!” These are the only words you hear from your friends for

weeks until you break down and actually go see the movie.  These movies are called “Must See

Movies”.  We’ve split them up into six categories: Classics movies, Action movies, and Disney


Our first category is Classics; these are movies that just need to be seen.  First, The

Sound of Music is a great movie that also teaches great family values.  It is a musical where a

nun comes to stay with a family that has a lot of kids.  They learn to love each other through

song as they struggle through life.  The Wizard of Oz is also a musical that must be seen because

the visual effects can’t be beat.  A good witch floating down in a multi-colored bubble, a yellow

brick road that leads exactly to where a girl and her dog want to go, flying monkeys, poppies

that make you fall asleep, and an evil green witch that melts when she gets wet are all the

makings of a classic movie.  Forrest Gump is a movie that isn’t as old as the movies already

listed, but it is a great movie.  It is the story of a man named Forrest Gump who tells his life

story, always comparing it to a box of chocolates, to all the people that sit on the bench next to

him as he waits for the bus.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original) is a great

movie.  It is a child’s fantasy: a chocolate waterfall that chubby kids get to fall into, geese that

lay solid gold eggs, and short orange people creepily chanting at you.  It’s a great movie!  Pete’s

Dragon is a must-see because who doesn’t want to see a cartoon dragon and his best friend

being hunted by some dirty creeps?  Mary Poppins is another musical, but it is also great

because it teaches you how to clean your room with just the snap of a finger, and how to jump

into chalk drawings, and, most important, it teaches you the right way to take your medicine.

The Phantom of the Opera is another musical (surprise!) that is a haunting tale of a young

woman following a mysterious voice into his lair.  The Titanic is a classic movie that everybody

must see.  Despite the fact that they both could have fit on the floating door, it is a great movie

inspired by a true event.

The next set of movies are action movies.  First on the list is The Hunger Games.  I love

this movie because it shows the love between sisters, and it shows how much the older sister is

willing to do to keep her younger sister safe.  Next are The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Though not typically on your list of great movies, I think they are full of action and they are also

all pretty funny.  The series is an interesting concept and I think they are great to watch.  Last

up on the list is Taken starring Liam Neeson.  This show is packed with action and great one-

liners.  It will leave you feeling like you are unstoppable and you feel like you could take down


Disney has released a ton of movies, but only few are must-see movies.  First up is, of

course, Frozen. Yes, everybody knows the song “Let It Go” and very few people haven’t seen

the movie, and it is a great movie that shows the importance of family.  Any of Disney’s original

princess movies: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little

Mermaid, Aladdin, Mulan, or Pocahontas all need to be seen.  All are great movies that teach

great lessons like don’t eat apples that creepy old ladies give to you, or don’t touch a sharp

needle, or don’t trade your voice for legs (probably all things you already knew anyway).  Next

we have Up; it is a must-see because it is just a cute movie, with a cute old man who just wants

to fly to Paradise Falls in his house… with a little boy scout.  Toy Story (the original, though the

others are pretty great) is also a must-see because it is a child’s dream to watch their toys come

to life and fight about who is the favorite.

Watching movies are always a fun thing to do when you have a little down time.  Try

putting some of these recommendations in the Blu-ray player and see if you like them as much

as I do.