Artists of Bingham

The stars of Bingham aren’t always the athletes or the brainiacs; the stars of Bingham that go unnoticed the most are the artists.

John Hopkins School of Education, said that as members of society, it’s important for us to recognize and honor the people that create art, connecting us, no matter our racial, social, cultural, educational, or economic situation.

The original and curious Becky Weber says that she’s been interested in art for most of her life. One of the key moments when Becky’s desire for knowledge of art grew was when a student’s parent came in to Becky’s second grade class to teach them Magna art, a type of art found in Japanese comic books. Becky found the art to be very interesting, so she went to her local library and checked out several books that would teach her about Magna art. When asking Becky why she enjoys art so much, she said, “it’s kind of like my ‘soccer’ or my ‘choir,’ it’s what I have always loved to do, and it’s something I can push myself to do better at.” A person’s art is their own, it’s connected to them and describes them. Becky put it best when she said, “My art is an extension of my thoughts, my feelings, if one can say that the eyes are the pathway to the soul, then my art is a map and written text of my soul.”

Ben “The Sculptor” Winkel enjoys art because of the cool and relaxing ways you’re able to express your emotions. He also likes the feeling of accomplishment he earns after putting his best into his projects. Ben said that art has been apart of his whole life, drawing and painting ever since he was little. “Art has always come naturally to me, I’ve just always enjoyed it.” Along with Ben’s family, who have played a big part in his life, Ben also looks to the beach where he grew up for artistic influence. When Ben was asked what makes his art different he said, “simply the fact that it’s made by me. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways and that makes everyone’s art unique.”

The “ordinary weirdo with extraordinary talent,” Taylor Lambert developed a love for art as a little girl when she would draw her family members and the things around her. Taylor enjoys and loves most forms of art, but her two favorites are realistic portraiture and SFX makeup. Taylor attributes much of her success to her family, especially her grandparents, but also to her art teachers. Taylor said about her teachers, “they have all been so supportive and helpful in guiding my art and my future career as an artist. Without them I’d have a fraction of the ability that I have now.” Taylor admits to being a little odd, but she also admits that who she is has gotten her a lot farther than “normal” ever could. Taylor’s art has an indescribable quality of being able to “capture the rawest emotions and expand on them.” She doesn’t water down her art, nor does she conform her art to societal norms.

    Josh Quigley enjoys art because it allows him to be creative and to see life from a different perspective. Josh loves to express his creativity through realistic oil paintings of friends, family, and things that inspire him. As with most, Josh finds inspirations from the people he’s around the most, his friends and family, the people who’ve helped him to become who he is. Art allows you to see the world from a different light and to express your deepest emotions, Josh holds this sacred value that art carries close to his heart as he said that “art has a deeper meaning to me.”