Dance Company Concert

Brooke Anderson, News Editor

Gina Terrell, Dance Company coach, came up with this year’s theme of “elevate” that

has been the theme all through this year. They had 20 different dances and each dance had

their own message. In the program they gave out they provided information on the songs,

dancers, choreographers and an explanation of how the dance reflects the message they were

trying to convey. One dance named A Father’s Love was in honor of Gina Terrell’s deceased

father. Their other dances were all about being yourself and to stop bullying, all conveying the

message to “elevate” the audience.

Dance Company started working on the concert four months before it came out.

According to Brielle Barton, first year member of Dance Company, they practiced up 10 to 20

hours a week. Brielle admitted that it was hard to juggle school work with Dance Company and

it required a lot of time management on her part. For her, Dance Company is a lot of fun. “I get

to do what I love and have the opportunity to get involved. Being on Dance Company is like

having twenty-eight best friends, and it’s great,” Brielle said.

The Dance Company Concert was very well done and Dance Company is happy about

how it turned out. They had a very good turn out and there was no lack of applause throughout

the entire show. Their dances invoked a lot of emotion, especially on the dance A Father’s Love.

However, the concert wasn’t all serious. The dance All Day was a sort of break in the serious

mood but was probably the crowd pleaser of the night. Dance Company did a great job and

their hard work and dedication definitely paid off in providing a wonderful concert.