Christmas Concert


Yes, it is finally that time of the year. Bingham High’s band and orchestra have been practicing for months for their Christmas which are to be performed throughout December. The groups that are involved are choir, orchestra and band. They all have individual performances on different nights and possess their own amount of Christmas spirit, but they will all include the traditional candlelight to set the mood for the Christmas spirit.

Jenna Orwin who is in the Ladies Choir said that the choir have been practicing for their Christmas concert for over a month now and are excited to share their Christmas spirit with Bingham. The Ladies choir performance will include traditional Christmas songs, such as Oh Holy Night, Oh Come Ye Emmanuel and a jazzed up Christmas Medley. The performance will be held on December 19th.

Bingham Band is also hard at work when it comes to preparing for the annual Christmas concert. Nicki Ward, a senior at Bingham, said the band has been preparing since the fall concert ended. The band wanted to focus on being “…more of a commercial Christmas rather than a religious Christmas,” she said. The songs that they will be performing will be Sleigh Ride, Happy Holidays, and a White Christmas. The band will be performing their concert on December 20th, so be looking forward to supporting them.

Of course we can’t forget orchestra. Just like band and choir, Bingham Orchestra has been practicing hard for the annual Christmas concert. Alicia Kuhlmann, a Bingham sophomore in Orchestra 2, said some of the songs they will be performing for the crowd are the Hallelujah Chorus and a few classical Christmas songs. “We have been working on our music since the beginning of November,” she said. The performance will be held on the 21st of December, so if you love the sound of violins working their magic, be sure to attend.

People here at Bingham are more than excited to keep this tradition going and the choir, band, and orchestra are making sure that every concert they perform will be better than the last. Get in the Christmas spirit this year by participating in true blue, supporting Bingham’s talented students, and spending time with family and friends.