Live Action vs Animation


Photo by Disney

Lexi Sampson

Lately, a lot of live action movies are either being made or there is talk about turning an animation into one. One of the most recent and popular ones is Beauty and The Beast, but there are plenty of others that have increased people’s interest in seeing their favorite cartoons in a real life perspective.

Disney has been one of the most popular companies to engage in putting their cartoons on the big screen as live action movies. Some examples include Alice In Wonderland, Cinderella, Maleficent, and Jungle Book. According to InsideTheMagic, Disney is currently in the process of making 16 more live action films in different stages of productions. Some examples are Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Mulan, and Sword in the Stone.

While the idea of our childhood movies coming to life is becoming quite popular, especially since we have better technology to make the unrealistic things look significantly more realistic, some people choose to stick with cartoons. The New York Times, said, “Because animation is less rule-bound than live action, writers can use the kind of shtick that would seem preposterous on film, even if it could be executed.” This is true with a lot of cartoons, especially ones for children that show some unrealistic event, such as a character that swallows a dynamite before it explodes and they’re left standing unharmed.

Films have been popular from the moment we figured out how to work video cameras, no matter what type of genre they are or how they are made. We depend upon movies to keep us entertained and distract us from the reality of the world around us.