Looking Forward to Next Year


Photo by Bingham High

Gracie Schoell , Staff Writer

The dance company is looking forward to several performances, including the football halftimes this summer and the district and region concerts in the fall, and their concert season starting in January.  To prepare for these performances, they practice three days a week for three to four hours each time during the football season.  In April they practice every day for five hours until the concert at the end of April.

Katie Hedman, a member of the dance company and a senior at Bingham High School, said that “…we spend a lot of time prepping for the district and region concerts in the fall, which are showcases of all the dance companies in the designated areas.  We also spend January through April getting ready for the concert, which is our big performance.  We put together all the dances in it.”

McKenna Spens, a sophomore attending Bingham High School and a member of the dance company, said that she is most excited for the football and basketball games, and “…especially the concert at the end of the year.”

Spens said the thing she enjoys the most about being on the dance company is “…meeting all the new girls and the team that we have and how unified it is.  I love performing with them.  I’m excited to learn the new dances.”

Hedman said, “I actually love that dance company doesn’t compete.  It makes it so that I can dance because it means something to me and because I love it, not because of winning or looking better than someone else.”

Tryouts for next year’s dance company are on May 11 and 12, so nobody is sure what next year’s team will look like yet, but Spens said she is “…excited to meet the new girls that come in.”