Hale Centre Theater

A new theater for the community

Rachel Van Leeuwen, Staff Writer & Copy Editor

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see a show at Hale Centre Theatre, you know that it’s the perfect place to enjoy incredible singing, dancing, and acting. After hundreds of spectacular performances at the West Valley location, Mark and Sally Dietlein, co-founders of Hale Centre Theatre, have decided to move on to bigger and better things.

On September 16, 2015, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at Sandy City Hall to celebrate the building of a new theater in Sandy. According to Hale Centre Theatre, “The 130,000 square foot building will feature the two separate theaters, a totally tricked out Centre Stage and a beautiful Jewel Box Stage.”

Bingham students might have seen the construction of the massive Hale Centre Theatre driving on I-15 in Sandy. Those who have seen it know it is an impressive sight. Although construction is not set to finish until November 17, the Jewel Box Stage opened on September 1st with the musical Forever Plaid.

Forever Plaid, an audience favorite at Hale Centre, beautifully showcased the Jewel Box Stage. The Jewel Box is a proscenium thrust stage. This means that the audience is seated in front of the stage and seats curve slightly around the sides. The stage is complete with a circular track that moves the actors around the stage. This theater is smaller than the Centre Stage, seating 460 people compared to the Centre Stage’s 900. Emma Miller, Bingham junior, said that the theater allows audience participation and helps the audience feel involved in the show.

Although most would agree that the building of Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy is a fantastic addition to the city, there are some who are against having the theater in Sandy. FOX 13 News said that in 2016 the South Jordan City Council tried to attract the attention of Hale Centre Theatre to build on the land we know as Mulligans Golf and Games. After citizens of South Jordan fought to keep the Mulligans land, the idea was scrapped.

The building of Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy has cost millions of dollars. One of the most outspoken characters in the debate over Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy is Kurt Bradburn, candidate for Sandy City Mayor. Bradburn has criticized “wasteful spending projects” aimed specifically at the massive amount of money spent on Hale Centre Theatre.

Whether you’re in favor of Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy or not, you cannot argue the grace and beauty that will come from the performances at Hale Centre Theatre.

Improvements in stage technology and seating are promised to take our breath away. The Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy City will amaze theatre lovers everywhere.