Netflix Killing Cable

Cindy Diaz, Staff Writer & Copy Editor

As technology continues to advance, many other things that were once considered “modern” in the past are slowly vanishing from our sight.

This is the case of TV cable. Since the release of new online video streaming platforms,  TV cable is now becoming part of another gone generation.

According to TIME, a market research firm conducted a study in which they found that pay-TV subscriptions “fell by 380,000 in the second quarter of 2011.” Many firms blamed Netflix and other alternative video service providers. If that was back in 2011, imagine how many losses the TV cable industry must be facing right now. Last summer numbers increased to 762,000. However, Netflix is not the only company that is replacing TV cable entertainment, Amazon and Hulu also contribute to the TV cable industry’s disadvantageous situation.

There are many reasons why people are considering the idea of “cutting the cord.” According to The Economist, people prefer online video services because they can watch it at any time. Advanced technology such as mobile devices has allowed consumers to choose when or where to watch their favorite TV shows. It is no surprise that many people find this more convenient and useful than having to wait an entire day or week for their favorite show to air on TV.

Although many people remain loyal to TV cable, it is undeniable that the ‘Cord Cutting Revolution,’ or more simply, subscribing to online video streaming services, is taking over many tech firms.